Mulch Selection

Mr. mulch for all of your mulch and landscaping needs

Plants grown with mulch flourish. Here are four reasons why:


Retains Water
With mulch only 10% of rainwater evaporates.  Without mulch, nearly 80% of rainwater evaporates.

Controls Weeds
Mulch hinders weed-growth by reducing sunlight to weed seeds.
Nourishes Soil
Natural mulch decomposes and adds valuable nutrients to the soil.
Offers Protection
Mulch helps protect your plants from temperature variations by insulating your plants’ root systems.

Red Mulch

Beautiful and protective red mulch will enhance your landscape.

Brown Mulch

Brown mulch adds beauty and natural elegance to your landscape.

black mulch

Black Mulch

Black mulch adds bold contrast to your beautiful landscape.

Garden Mix

This mix includes leaf, dirt, mulch fines, manure and pine fines